A Chicago Title Insurance Company Release Tracking Program.

Castle-Track Forms

What does a Release Tracking and Management Program mean to you?
  • On line access to tracking and reports.
  • Strength of the largest title insurer pursuing the release on your client's property.
  • Consistent follow-up on un-returned releases from various lenders by one contact.
  • Recording of documents in the appropriate land records, even when lenders forward them to the wrong town hall.
How does it work?
  • You forward a completed information sheet on each file, together with recording and release tracking fee, to our Hartford, CT office. This form is available in MSWord for ease of data entry!
  • We provide you with cards to include with your payoff letter instructing the lender to send the release directly to our Hartford, CT office.
  • Our staff tracks the receipt of each release and records it in the town hall. You will receive an email notifying you to obtain your monthly reports via our website that will reflect your release activity.
  • If no release is obtained within 30 days after we receive your information sheet, we will contact the sellerís attorney, lender and/or town hall to obtain a copy.
  • At closing you have the option to participate in a litigation service if the lender fails to return the release past the statutory period.
Chicago Title...where your clients' homes are their "Castles"!
Release by Affidavit
  • If a release by affidavit is necessary, we will need assistance from your staff to obtain a copy of the returned check from the lender.
  • A $10.00 fee will be charged if this additional step becomes necessary.
  • Please call your local Agency Manager to register for this service today!
    • Providence (401)431-0900
    • Hartford (800)848-4947
    • Stamford (800)225-2628
    • Danbury (203)743-7021


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