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  Title Insurance    
  Why you need title insurance and other important facts that you should know.
  Underwriting FAQs    
  Find answers to frequently asked underwriting questions and submit your own questions to our underwriting department.
  RealEC Technologies Lender Services    
  Introducing RealEC Technologies™ enabling the online ordering and delivery of all real estate related products and services to provide lenders a complete and integrated technology solution for closing and managing real estate transactions. Click to view the presentation or Jump to the RealEC web site.
  EC Purchasing    
  EC Purchasing is now available to all Chicago agents. This valued added service allows you to reduce the cost of managing your firm significantly. Click here to view an informative presentation on EC Purchasing. Once finished call your local Chicago Agency Manager at 800-882-1627 to sign up and start saving. Click here to fill out an application online (mention Chicago as the referral company).
  Create a HUD 1 Settlement Statement    
  Create a HUD 1 right from the HUDCLIPS web page. Click here to view the fill in the blank form (you must have Adobe Acrobat to view). To view all other HUD forms Click Here
  Authorization to Exceed    
  Submit an Authorization To Exceed request. Click here to get started...
  Search Order Request Form    
  Complete this form to request a search order from your local Chicago Title office. Click here to get started...
  A Chicago Title Insurance Company release tracking program. What does a Release Tracking and Management Program mean to you?
  Castle Club    
  Sign-up to become a member of Castle Club using our feedback form. Be sure to include you firm and contact information, and select Castle Club as your reference for feedback.


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